Buddha Backup received a very positive review on PCWorld and on Windows Report.


The simplicity of the user interface is a real treat while still having ample configuration options. This backup tool has been very reliable and unlike PureSync I have not found dozens of instances driving up my CPU like a runaway train. I’ve personally made the switch and am very pleased. I have also used this tool in a commercial environment for physical backups of one of our most data sensitive machines. While my company utilizes some of the big MS tools such as OneDrive, I found Buddha Backup to be the perfect solution for our scenario and the end user’s request. It’s been running about 6 months consistently without issue. The customer support has also been phenomenal.

-Alexis K.


I don’t write reviews because hey, why should I help you sell your software. I already paid for it! But, I am going to make an exception for Buddha Backup because it works and Josh, the guy that developed it is a regular guy. He’s an IT person like me. He’s not some developer hiding in China, just a regular guy who answers his emails and really cares about his product.

So, I tried Buddha Backup and I liked it. It uses Volume Shadow Copy so I can backup my Outlook data files while Outlook is running. The only problem I had with the software was that I couldn’t run it from the system tray. I told Josh about it after paying for it and he made the change. I was using SyncBackPro for my mirror backups, was paying a lot for it, and couldn’t find another software that did what I needed it to do. Until now.

I’m a backup nut. I backup 3 ways. To the cloud, Macrium and now Buddha Backup to an external drive for my documents, pictures, desktop, file server, and more.

Thanks Josh.

-Robert A.


Buddha Backup is an excellent piece of software to keep a second set of files current separate from the hard drive. I use it and three flash drives in that way, changing the flash drive every 15 days. The program is easy to download, install and run once a couple of simple operations are understood. It is much faster than copying files and works quickly. In addition, the author provides excellent support if one has questions. I recommend Buddha Backup without reservation.

-Del K.


I run a small recording studio and have a lot of data to be backed up regularly. I stumbled upon Buddha Backup when the previous software I was using became incompatible with my current operating system.
The software is incredibly good value for money (as most alternatives were expensive or subscription based).
The software is simple to use, effective and reliable … as it should be.
The big selling point for me has been the customer service.
I doubt you will find a better alternative to Buddha Backup

-Wayne G.


“Easy to use and very stable”
The setup process is pretty intuitive and it has been easy to restore backups that I have had to do on several occasions.
There doesn’t seem to be another company offering all these features for these price ranges.
Highly recommended to anyone needing to do regular backups no need to look further.

-Mike P.


This is an amazing software. Very well done and lightweight in my old setup. I recommend it to my friends, whether in home or at work. The developer is very attentive and has been improving more and more, what is already good.

-Alessandro V.


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