Easy for the Novice

Buddha Backup has a setup designed for novice users with an interface that is both easy to setup, understand, and use.

Powerful for the Expert

For more experienced users and power users Buddha Backup offers a very high degree of control. You can set it up to work the way you work.

File Sync Logic

Buddha Backup has sophisticated file sync logic for backups providing for instant data access from your backup location after a computer failure.

Archive Backup

The Archive backup feature keeps an archive holding a copy of every file ever created or modified at each backup.  Keep every version of backed up files in case you need to dig up an old copy.

Snapshot Browsing

With the archive backup option enabled you can browse through snapshots of files taken at the time of each backup/file sync operation and restore versions of files/folders from those snapshots.

Auto Purge

The Auto Purge option removes old files from the archive backup folder when you run out of space on the backup media to create room for newer files.

File Log

The File Log shows which files have been backed up or synced for each backup or file sync operation.

High Style Interface

The highly informative interface will remind you of the dashboard of a European sports car (for those who like a bling interface and "chrome rims").

Volume Shadow Copy Service

This feature allows for backing up files while their host programs are open; you can continue working while you backup.

Automatic Backup System

There is an Automatic backup system built-in to Buddha Backup to allow for backups when the system has been idle for a specified time or on a specific schedule set by you.

Reverse and Recovery Backup

Reverse and recovery backup options allow for recovery and transfer of data from backup location to a new or restored system, simplifying data recovery.

Control Feature

The Control Backup feature allows you to control backup behavior and perform backups the way you want through an intuitive visual interface.

One-Way and Two-Way Backups

Both one-way and two-way backups are supported by Buddha Backup.  One-way copies data from one location to another.  Two-way synchronizes your files between two locations so any new or modified files get copied from one location to the other.


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