Advanced Main Screen

Advanced Main Screen

All backup jobs are listed in the upper left white box.  Click on a job to select it.  Click on multiple jobs one after the other to select multiple jobs (you don’t have to hold control to do so).  Click a selected job to deselect it.  Buttons to add/edit/remove jobs are above the list.  Several text labels with the selected job’s information are to the right of the job list.  Buttons to run the jobs are located below the job list and above the status log.  The status log is located below the job run buttons.  It will display any events like job start/finish times and error information.  The progress meters show the progress of the current backup for the current file, folder, job, and all jobs currently being backed up.  Below the progress meters are labels for time elapsed, time remaining, current speed, and average speed.

Backup All Jobs: Will backup all jobs.

Backup Selected Jobs: Will backup only those jobs that are currently highlighted in the job list box.

Cancel Backups: Will cancel the currently running backup jobs.

Control Job: Allows the user to manually control what happens in a backup.  Scans both the source and target directories in a one-way backup and the left and right directories in a two-way backup, and then presents a window showing files/folders from one side only and files on both sides with different modified dates.  The user can then select what to do with those files/directories: copy to the other side, delete, or ignore.

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